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43 days and counting

She is about that now.. she was laying on the cool tile and I sat down next to her... She posed for this picture...

She is very very "thick" no curve to her at all and omgoodness it feels like she weighs a ton!!


He napped a long time yesterday.. Frank that is. He seemed a bit better by dinner time.  He ate and off we went around the block.  There is a long stretch just around the first corner where there are palm trees that are producing seeds right now.   They are little orange balls, the outside is a soft pulp and the inside is a hard wooden type thing.  Frank and Darby both try and eat them, I have to walk in the street along that particular stretch to avoid them.  Last night while Frank was attacking the sprinklers (his favorite past time on this stretch in particular) he howled in pain... a few steps later he pooped.. and what came out might explain everything.  It was a little poop around two of those seeds.

As much as we like that stretch for the very attackable sprinklers.. I think we are going to have to find another route to walk while those palms are in seed.

He was fine after the walk, he slept good and this morning had his breakfast and is currently trying to get Darby to play.  She is trying to nap.. eating and going potty is hard work.. :P

I dont think he was full of shit.. just full of seeds maybe...

Frank again...

When I got him from the vet he had a couple quiet days and was back to his normal self. Friday I noticed a flea on him and by Saturday he was itching up a storm.

I went and got flea shampoo and gave him a good bath and washed all the bedding for him and Darby both. I wanted to wait a day to see if I got them all before using any flea stuff to be on the safe side. My vet wasnt on duty over the weekend.

Yesterday I noticed another single flea.. *sigh* I washed him again and treated him with Sentry Pro on the back of his neck.

This morning he wont eat again. He is sulking around here like his best friend died and is back to hiding under the bed. He stopped his antibiotic on Friday, he has been fine. He is pooping fine, drinking water, just not eating again.

I just don't know what to do.

Now Darby...

She has been finicky eating for a week now. I just go Frank back from the vet and this morning her stool has blood in it.

Gawd Dammit!!

I took her back to Dr. Mike and they took another stool sample. This is a different one I guess. The other was mostly testing for parvo and giardia.


I was there after noon time so we will have results tomorrow. What the hell is going on...

On a side note Dr. Mike feels pretty certain she is pregnant. I will take her the first week of August for an x-ray.

They found nothing in the stool sample. She is normal.. well normal for Darby I guess.


So, Darby is being picky, not really eating, but she had a loose stool on Monday so I took her to the vet to be sure she didnt have worms or something intestinal. The vet sent a stool sample and ran a full fecal test, sent us home with some stuff in case the diarrhea kept up.

Tuesday morning Frank woke me up at 6:30 am. An ungodly hour for him.. they usually get let out about 7:30 or so. I got up and let him out. He went potty and back up stairs. While I was making their breakfast, he threw up in Darby's crate. Nice of him huh? So I thought well.. he must have what ever Darby has. He was acting funny... it seemed his back hurt or was it his sides? He was pacing and whining. At about 10 am I decided to take him in.

Darby's fecal came back clean. The vet discovered that Frank only has one descended testicle. Great... It disqualifies him from show, and means he needs to be neutered. No more litters for Frank. *sigh* His prostrate was inflamed and in dogs the prostrate rests on the colon which can make bowel movements painful. It also makes his hind quarters sore in general. The vet gave him an injection with anti inflammatory, pain and antibiotic as well as a female hormone to help with the inflamed prostrate. Sent me home.

By 2 pm he was in a lot of pain. He was digging in the back of my closet to surround himself in my dirty clothes. He would lay there for a minute the cry, get up and crawl under the bed then cry, back to the closet, jump on the bed, do circles there to try and get comfortable, but nothing was working. The final time in the closet he started crying and I got up to see if I could comfort him, he crawled out and laid across my feet. It was time to go.

Back at the vet I explained and they took him in for blood, urine and fecal tests, as well as an xray.

After looking at the xray they found no foreign objects but a lot of fecal matter in his intestines. They did an enema and got some of it to come out but a lot remained. They watched him overnight while we waited on the rest of the tests.

This morning the vet explained, he has low blood sugar, high liver enzymes, and his prostrate is still inflamed. Not as bad as yesterday but still swollen.

The theory is that pooping hurt. Frank was doing it as little as possible. He would only pass what was absolutely necessary. Because of that, his intestines were backing up and he wasnt getting as much nourishment from the food as he should, causing the low blood sugar, and since he had all that crap (literally) stuck inside his liver was working overtime to get rid of it. He also had an elevated white blood count, probably from the stress and pain.

He is on antibiotics, stool softener, liver support and special food to help return his liver to normal function.


I picked him up this morning and he is much better. I am gonna give him a bath and watch him close. He needs to poop a lot.. so could you all please think shitty thoughts for me? Thanks

To eat!

So.. she won't eat. *SIGH* My drama girl. Now she has loose stools too...

The vet thinks she might have an intestinal problem. He palpitated her abdomen but couldn't feel anything yet. He gave me a paste to give her for the loose stools and I need to call tomorrow to get the results of the fecal.

Of course.. she wants nothing to do with the paste. Who knew a 14 lb dog could be so disagreeable regarding some paste...

Darby Dew

So.. today would make Darby about 25 days pregnant. She is sleepy.. so very sleepy.. She needs to be BY ME - ON ME - NEAR ME!! she didn't eat a single crumb yesterday and the day before she skipped dinner. She threw up in the morning, I think she might have been a bit skittish because of that. She ate this morning but I had to sit at my computer, with her dish under my feet.

Frank wants to play.. Darby does not. She gets really pissed at him when he won't stop and leave her alone. Frank is just being his spastic self and kinda doesn't get it.

I ordered a bigger crate. I think hers would do but is probably little bit too small to hold her and puppies. Especially while whelping. Jenn brought me two heating pads, blankets, blankets, blankets... a puppy feeder a thermometer and some puppy food, formula and a nurser in case I need it.

I still have a few things to do. I need to pick up a bag of craft yarn to make collars for puppies (terrified they will all be reds I can't tell apart)I think I am going to braid three pieces to make little temp collars.
Buy a scale. Target, probably. Anyone have suggestions? digital? I was thinking it would be so much easier.
Pick up newspapers.. pick up newspapers... pick up newspapers. I stop everywhere now I see one and pick it up. I have a nice stack working downstairs. If anyone has some near or far. Please send them my way. You can CoD them!!

Frank has piebald in his pedigree, he also has a lot of dapple (blk and tan as well as red). Darby is definitely a carrier with her white chest and socks. I am dying to see what we get. If we get.. I am pretty excited.

Dog dealings..

So night before last I got the dogs all set and headed out the front door with them.  All three..braiding the leashes before we even got 5 houses from mine.  Nathan rides his scooter with David and Ryan is usually somewhere between me, the dogs and the boys. The new gardener was working on the grass at the apartment complex right down the street from us.  Rusty stopped and did his doodie on the grass and armed with my poopie bag, I picked it up.  Just in time for the spanish lady who was picking up leaves to see me and start yelling about how my dog should crap on my grass.  I told her "I am picking it up!! I always do!!" but she wouldn't hear of it.  She kept yelling at me all the way down the block.  Funny part is the dogs (the weiners that is) were barking right back at her. What a crazy lady!

Which brings me to the next headache. We had a long gate made for our driveway last summer.  It was wooden and was never quite right.  It sagged in the middle and was heavy and bulky.  I just looked terrible.  It was a valiant effort on the part of my father in law, but just not good, despite all his efforts.  We had a steel guy come and build us a nice metal frame and then my father in law is coming to put the pickets back on it.  I have a beautiful frame, but not a single picket to hold weenies in.  So for a week now I have had to take my dogs out, every time they whine, with their harnesses on leashes.  What a pain in the tukus. Frank is not a huge fan of his harness.. dunno what it is.  I tried just putting the leash on his collar but that really freaks him out.  So for the most part during the day I have been leaving the harnesses on.  Less stress for him, since getting it on seems to be his big freak out. Actually having it on is not much of a problem, at least I thought.  Well last night I went to take them out one last time before bed and he had chewed thru the center strap on his harness... omg.  Darby's clasp is cracked so she got a new one too.  Jeez Louise

Chore number three!!  I have a back patio.  My house is three stories.  The living quarters are on the top floor, bedrooms on the middle and a basement in the back.  I leave the top patio door open for the dogs to sun themselves.  If they have an urgent need to potty and dont get my attention over Nathan, the can go out there.  Well... I am a cleaning freak now.  No one can go out there because of the wee wee and woo woo left behind. :( Sometimes when I take them outside Darby will just refuse to go, and when we get upstairs, she is right out on the patio.. just outside the door doing her thing.  *SIGH*  I got a Training pad holder today  Frank was trained on one and I cant even put a door mat out there or Darby will mark it.  I am hoping that having the training pad out there will encourage them to use it. 

Any suggestions would be grand!  The pickets will be back on the gate this weekend thank goodness.


Where ... is... that... squirrel?

MS Walk 2009

If you are in the greater LA area please go here and sign up to walk with me to find a cure for MS.  If you can't walk and want to donate there is a button for that too :)  My best friend Mizlara has MS and I want to do anything and everything to help find a cure... this is why...